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We are a low-code cloud platform to deploy omnichannel enterprise AI powered business workflows for customer care.

With a unique mix conversational AI, NLP, deep learning and bits of RPA we enable hyper-automation delivering automation rates above 80%.

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Increase efficiency like never before


Automate repetitive and low added value tasks to dramatically boost team productivity. Let your in-house talent focus on what's important, and leave the rest to the AI.

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Setup intelligent assistants that master your conversations through an easy to use Automation studio. With state of the art AI and ML at its core, the Automaise platform boosts your transactional and operational capabilities too. Talk the talk and walk the walk!

Quick setup and no technical blockers


Automaise AI integrates with any in-house or existing core system and customer engagement channel. We're low code and own each step of the implementation process and cloud hosting, so you don't have to worry about the tech-savvy details.

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Telecom 01

Boosting efficiency in social customer service by over 83% for one of Portugal's largest telcos.

Retail 02

Sustainably improving order management and ticketing practices with Automaise AI.

Banking 03

Setting up the new standard for branch operations and self-service banking.

Insurance 04

Skyrocket customer satisfaction and account management efficiency with conversational AI.

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Our digital workforce does everything a bot can do and everything a bot can't do. By deploying a ready to use digital assistant or building one from scratch, Automaise AI powers up your conversations and customer transactions in real-time. Human-like interactions deliver the right answers or actions in seconds, build trust, increase performance and make your customer happy.

What our clients say

Thanks to Automaise, we’ve cut through the noise and increased our response rate with messages being qualified correctly, allowing us to distribute the requests to the right teams more successfully. Managing our front-facing brand on social is now possible because it’s easy to identify critical topics and to optimize the care process.


Joana Serra

With Automaise AI we now provide affordable, intuitive and efficient social customer support to nearly 2 million ViaCTT end users. Thanks to its level of autonomy and continuous evolution, the solution saves us precious time and effort.


André Silva

At Caravela we were looking for a highly collaborative technical partner to help us solve our customer care issue and we found this with Automaise. Thanks to deploying their AI solution, today we can adapt to different customer scenarios and communicate flexibly with our clients.

Caravela Seguros

Paulo Cruz

As a technology builder Automaise enable us to add an AI layer to our solutions and gain a competitive edge. Xseed now powers up conversations, transactions and operational innovation for our clients. Even better - we managed to get everything up and running in record time.


Manuel Monteiro

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