Full-service intelligent automation that works

Automaise is an intelligent technology platform built for business people. We combine advanced AI and decision management tools to enable you to reinforce your core system capabilities, improve processes between different business units, change the way your organization does customer care, or put in place the bulding blocks of hyperautomation.

No more silos

Launch easy-to-build software from a single provider without
compromising on security and complexity.

Voice solutions

Boost the quality of IVR output where it matters most. Set-up automations to eliminate less complex tasks and leave space to focus on high valueadded efforts.

Text solutions

Tired of firefighting? Improve handle times and quality, manage less sensitive, repetitive or standard conversations and transactions through AI for every text channel that your business relies on.

Decision support

Intelligent historical data analysis identifies repeated, similar or typical scenarios, so you can cut down the tedious manual data collection and accelerate the sales and customer service processes.

Case management

Improve the efficiency of your realtime case management especially on high-intensity days such as BF/CM. We integrate beautifully to any CRM or ticketing system on the market. AI helps your teams boost their average handling times, first contact resolution and overall customer satisfaction.


By combining our technology and Advanced AI with a low code approach, our platform enables the deployment of smart automations effortlessly across the entire organisation, seamless and reliably integrating with existing core systems, RPAs, iBPMS, among others.

Let's accelerate your

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Let's accelerate your

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Platform components

Automaise is the friendly platform giving you the tools to build complex software without the complexity and to address very specific business needs without dreading a long and painful launch process. All thanks to our low-code DNA.

Plug-and-play products

From social customer support, to smartifying IVR systems or upgrading case management solutions, our growing portfolio of out of the box products is plug and play, multilingual, and easy to setup and manage.

AI Models marketplace

One size does not fit all. Access evolving AI+NLP databases in a variety of verticals that improve with every interaction over time.

Builders Studio

A visual drag&drop environment for designing multi-step AI driven flows with API integrations to handle business-unique matters to the detail.

Visual dashboards

Granular dashboards give you full control over the life-cycle of your automations: conception, launch, supervision, evolution.

3rd party integrations

We integrate with every 3-rd party tool on the market that your business relies on. Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, Office365, Google for Business, Clarabridge Engage, and many more.

Two-level access

Clients who are ready to grow and to create and manage intelligent automations through the Automaise platform for their business customers can do so through our Automation Studio.

The technology

Advanced AI+NLP

At the core of every automation lies our advanced AI and Natural Language Processing responsible for understanding your business and evolving with it.

Fast deployment

It takes 30 days on the average to fully integrate with your system and have the automations up and running. It takes on average 2 months or less to start generating stable results.


Thanks to our connectors approach, we are 100% agnostic of where the interaction or transactions take place, we integrate with any core system, email, webchat widget, social channel, VoIP, Audio streams, API protocol, etc.


We take ownership of every step of the deployment and hosting with everything being self-contained and managed on the Automaise cloud.

Development Kit

If complexity is the case, Automaise's ADK enables developers to take automations to a whole new level. Your creativity is the limit.

State-of-the-art Cloud

Built using the latest cloud technologies. Fully scalable micro-services platform running on top notch, future-proof, cloud technologies.

Ready to grow?

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Driven by intelligence

at every step with Advanced AI+NLP

At the core of every automation built on the platform, lies our advanced AI and Natural Language Processing. It is responsible for understanding niche businesses and, through continuous learning, to improve decision-making, action-taking and transaction-making while passing from being supervised to orchestrating automations with little to no supervision.

Top-shelf ML algorithms


Our platform is equipped with state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms, from simple logistic regressions to the highly complex Deep Learning architectures, such as LSTM, Convolutional Neural Networks and Transformer based models, ready to process both structured or unstructured data.

Automated Machine Learning


From feature engineering to hyperparemeter tuning and model selection, our platform offers full automation of your Machine Learning pipeline to assure a top performance. We take care of all that complexity so that you can focus on your business growth.

Active and Transfer Learning


Our transfer learning techniques guarantee a good kick start for AI models even when data is scarce while our Teach AI module, powered by top-shelf Active Learning techniques, makes sure that the human intervention required to label data benefits the model and business automation.

Data Augmentation


Good data is critical for a top performance ML model but quite often it can be a challenging task to collect it with a minimum quality standard. Our Data Augmentation module enables you to expand datasets and enhance ML models with a simple click.