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Case Automation

Super charge your CRM or case ticket manager with AI automation

Case Automation is a solution that allows you to super charge your CRM or case ticket manager with AI automation.
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Case Automation solution

Case Automation harnesses Artificial intelligence to streamline customer service operations by automatically creating, categorizing, and prioritizing cases. It optimizes workflows with intelligent routing, automated responses, and integration with knowledge bases, ensuring efficient resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Automated Case Creation

Case Creation

Automatically generates new cases based on incoming customer inquiries or issues.
Natural Language Processing NLP 1

Natural Language
Process (NLP)

Uses NLP to understand and categorize customer messages, routing them to the appropriate teams or departments.
Case Prioritization


Analyzes and prioritizes cases based on urgency, customer profile, or predefined criteria.
Intelligent Routing


Routes cases to the most appropriate agent or team based on skills, workload, or specialization.
kb integration 1


Integrates with a comprehensive knowledge base to suggest solutions and provide relevant information to agents.
Smart Responses


Generates suggested responses or resolutions based on historical data and best practices, accelerating case resolution times.
Workflow Automation


Automates repetitive tasks and actions within the case management process, improving efficiency and reducing manual effort.
Escalation Management


Automatically escalates cases that require higher-level intervention or specialized expertise.
Integration with CRM Systems

Integration with
CRM Systems

Seamlessly integrates with CRM systems to update case statuses, customer records, and communication history.

Automaise Support Genius product suite

Support Genius is a suite of products to radically improve customer service operations by:

Agent Assist

Is an AI-based copilot solution designed to maximize the productivity of customer service agents & improve support teams efficiency.

Backoffice Automation

Backoffice Automation solution allows organizations to intelligently automate high complexity processes in a safe and efficient way.

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