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8%​ improvement in agents’​ Average Handling Time.




Agent Assistant



Bizay is a global marketplace, a major player in the printing business and customized promotional products, selling to 21 countries in Europe, South America, and North America. Bizay has empowered more than 1 Million SMBs to grow their businesses during the last years.

  • Handling and dealing with an unusually large number of requests and client interactions (emails, web forms, and more) across a broad range of topics. ​
  • High volumes of repetitive support interactions incoming through multiple channels, requiring manual responses.​


  • Automaise Support Genius Salesforce widget allows operators to easily manage customer care inboxes.​
  • Automated ticket classification, routing and operator assistance, through next-best-action & semi-automated responses.​
  • AI makes it possible to classify, answer and autonomously close a wide range of support tickets.​


BIZAY’s project got some coverage in the media:

Inteligência artificial ajuda resolver 30% dos pedidos de apoio ao cliente na

Automaise revoluciona experiência de apoio ao cliente da

Main achievements


Improvement in average handling time

30% tickets fully handled by AI​
11% higher CSAT in AI handled cases​
45 day results​

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Product Release

Automaise Support Genius + ChatGPT By OpenAI​