Case Study


54%​ of improvement in self-service rate​.




Customer Assistant



Novobanco has 1,4 million clients and 4.193 employees, who are spread out over 311 branches and 20 corporate centers. In addition to growing revenue, the bank has increased capital momentum enhancing value creation for all stakeholders as a result of its sustainable growth strategy.

  • Helpdesk support was 100% voice & manual.​
  • Novobanco’s internal teams often had to face waiting times of 10min or more to engage with the helpdesk. ​
  • A relatively small number of questions was generating an elevated share of support requests.​​


  • We’ve developed a digital assistant to help Novobanco reduce internal helpdesk contact volume. ​
  • The digital assistant is able to triage, prioritize and tag interactions and, autonomously, close a wide range of support tickets.​
  • The developed assistant led to 32% deflection rate of helpdesk support interactions, achieved within 3 weeks​.​

Main achievements


Self-service rate​

26% Improvement in AHT​
15% Increase in CSAT
45 days to get results

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Product Release

Automaise Support Genius + ChatGPT By OpenAI​