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35% case tickets closing rate, without human intervention.




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SonaeMC is the owner of Continente one of the largest retailers in Portugal with more than 2 million followers on Facebook. The service team deals with more than 12k interactions per month. In 2019 it was time for the brand to give its users an improved e-shopping experience. Continente wanted to provide customers with a seamless experience, enabling them to self-serve and obtain a faster and more reliable experience.


• Support operators struggle with heavy loaded inboxes .​

• A solution was needed to improve the management of case tickets (e.g. emails, contact forms, etc), handled in Salesforce. ​


• Automaise developed a categorization solution that translates into an intelligent workflow able to classify, distribute, prioritize and close a wide range of diverse tickets. ​

• AI Response generation became determinant to increase the performance of the solution deployed. ​

• The agent’s work interface remains unchanged as all the operations are still executed in Salesforce environment, powered by Automaise.​​

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Main achievements


Case tickets closing rate, without human intervention

80%+​ categorization accuracy​​
From 0 to 20% deflection in 8 weeks​
Optimized headcount efficiency​

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