Case Study


84% prediction accuracy rate ​of top 3 categories​.




AI as a Service​



Ageas is an international insurance group headquartered in Brussels and present in 14 European and Asian countries. Almost 2.000 employees and 2.722 brokers, in Portugal, serve some 1,7 million clients under the various commercial brands: Ageas Seguros, Ageas Pensões, Médis, Ocidental and Seguro Directo.


• Report claim processes, from the mediators, consist of a flow that is prone to error and requires extensive human input. ​

• This affected the handling process’s speed and efficacy, generating unnecessary delays for the policy holders and increasing overhead costs.​


• Automaise used Machine Learning to analyze claim submissions history and, based on a wide range of data, predict the mediator inputs during the claim reporting process. ​

• By applying Automaise’s solutions to a dataset of claim submissions and contextual data, the user experience improved and the errors decreased. ​

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Main achievements


Prediction accuracy rate ​ of top 3 categories

45% improvement in claim management efficiency
AHT improvement​
4 weeks to get results​

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