Case Study


3,5x improvement in ​First Response Time​.




AI Virtual Assistant​



CTT is the national postal service of Portugal and, because of its “first come, first served” advantage, it has remained a trusted go to delivery option for a country of 10 million. In recent years digital has been playing a bigger role in CTT’s brand and it was their aim to improve the digital experience of ViaCTT users.


• Customers requiring assistance would often reach out for support through phone or email. ​

• The team struggled to deal with these petitions, and customers had to wait for prolonged periods of time.


• Automaise implemented an AI chat assistant with troubleshooting skills that is able to manage and autonomously solve account access related issues such as password recovery, unblock accounts or set new passwords. ​

• Clients can, autonomously, solve account access related issues. This new channel completely replaced the traditional phone support line.​

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Main achievements


Automation rate of the webchat interactions​

3,5x improvement in ​ First Response Time​
8 weeks to get results​

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