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90% of the topics related ​to insurer/client interactions ​covered​.




AI Virtual Assistant



Caravela Seguros is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Europe, growing 20% YoY. Its customer centric approach establishes high service standards, for Caravela it is determinant to be only one click away from customers. Assist clients, permanently, on their daily life, is the major objective.


• Customers demand autonomy when it comes to manage their ​ insurance policies and it was Caravela’s aim to provide them with ​ self-service 24/7/365.​

• The insurance company needed a conversational assistant that went way beyond the standard FAQ interactions. ​


• Automaise created a digital assistant that enables customers to handle the day-to-day interactions, but also to execute advanced service requests. ​

• Automaise’s Cognitive NLP and AI flow orchestration empowers a digital assistant that understands complex human language and is prepared to handle the most complex requests, independently.​

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Main achievements


Self-service rate​

90% of the topics related ​ to insurer/client interactions ​ covered

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