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Do you know that support agents still handle over 75% of all support interactions?

High impact intelligent solutions for customer service and backoffice operations.

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Product Release:​

Launching our own LLM – Meet “Automaise Quokka”​

Introducing Quokka: A new and powerful language model for customer support, designed with a focus on the specific needs of this sector. Quokka promises efficiency and sustainable performance, surpassing the limitations of existing models and enhancing customer support interactions.

Meet Automaise Support Genius

Support Genius is a suite of AI-based products designed to maximize the productivity of customer service operations while improving customer experience.

Support Genius Lite​

Support Genius Lite is a no integrations required AI solution that frees agents from a wide range of time consuming but relevant tasks.

Agent Assistant​

Agent Assistant is an AI-based tool designed to maximize the productivity of customer service agents & improve support efficiency.

Customer Assistant​

Customer Assistant is a AI-powered front office solution to assist brands reducing the number of support case tickets and calls by deflection.​

Backoffice Process Assistant​

Backoffice Process Assistant allows organizations to intelligently automate complex processes in a safe and efficient way.

Automaise OS

The Intelligent Business Optimization No-code/Low-code Platform.​

Fully integrated with​​ a growing set of ready-to-plug integrations

So your agents never have to leave their workspaces.

Different platform? Custom system?

Let the numbers do the talking

Improvement in Customer Satisfaction Score:


in 45 days

Improvement in First Response Time:​


in 30 days

Increase in Agent’s Productivity:


in 30 days

Improvement in Average Handling Time


in 60 days

Case Studies



Leroy Merlin improved Customer Service efficiency by 80% in 8 weeks.



51%​ of medical claims ​fully automated.



0,5%​ increase in revenue derived from improved pricing strategy​.



35% case tickets closing rate, without human intervention.



0,5%​ increase in revenue derived from improved pricing strategy​.



3,5x improvement in ​First Response Time​.
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Find out how Bizay radically improved their customer service operation, getting outstanding results, in only 45 days:​

Customer testimonials

“PRIO’s strategy became more robust when reinforced with the inputs provided by the AI solution developed by Automaise.”

Alexandre Cruz

Market Analyst, Prio

“Automaise has allowed us to achieve efficiency improvements north of 70% by leveraging AI to help our support agents spend less time on repetitive tasks. We have been able to provide faster support to our customers, whilst improving operational efficiency.”

Bernardo Gonçalves Marques

Bernardo Gonçalves Marques

Head of Operational Excellence, / Bizay

“Thanks to Automaise, we’ve cut through the noise and increased our response rate with messages being qualified correctly, allowing us to distribute the requests to the right teams more successfully. Managing our front-facing brand on social is now possible because it’s easy to identify critical topics and to optimize the care process.”

Joana Serra

Digital Marketing Manager, Altice

“At Caravela we were looking for a highly collaborative technical partner to help us solve our customer care issue and we found this with Automaise. Thanks to deploying their AI solution, today we can adapt to different customer scenarios and communicate flexibly with our clients.”

Paulo Cruz

Paulo Cruz

Marketing Director, Caravela

“With Automaise AI we now provide affordable, intuitive and efficient social customer support to nearly 2 million ViaCTT end users. Thanks to its level of autonomy and continuous evolution, the solution saves us precious time and effort.”

André Silva, Via CTT

André Silva

Service Manager, ViaCTT

Automaise AI

Traditional chatbots are mostly rule-based and trained with generic industry data, yielding limited results and subpar customer experience.

Automaise creates an AI layer that is hyper-tailored to your business. Our AI understands the behaviour of your customers by continuously learning from your best agents and training on your customer support data.

We augment your service levels and produce superior customer support outcomes, both for your customers as well as your agents, in a matter of weeks.


Main trends shaping the field of customer service in 2023

This eBook highlights the latest trends driving customer service operations today and provides insights and strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences.


Tips & Tricks About Technology, Business Automation, RPA and AI.

The unstoppable impact of AI on customer service is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their clients and deliver unparalleled satisfaction.

Customer Service

The unstoppable impact of AI on customer service is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their clients and deliver unparalleled satisfaction.


This powerful AI solution is designed to streamline your support operations and enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly. 


As businesses increasingly turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate and enhance their customer service operations, one technology that has gained significant attention is the Generative Pre-trained Transformer…

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