Case Study


0,5%​ increase in revenue derived from improved pricing strategy​.


Retail (Oil & Gas)


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Prio is the largest producer of biofuels in Portugal. More than 250 service stations are operated by the company, under the commercial brands Prio and Shell, both in Portugal and Spain. In order to supply its biodiesel plant, Prio uses residual raw materials from sectors as diverse as margarine production, sauces, olive oil, and coffee.


• Prio needed a solution to optimize its pricing strategy radically​. ​

• The main objective is to determine optimal retail pricing as a function of competitors & margins​.​


• We deployed Automated Data Prep & Time Series Forecasting to ​help Prio predict competitor retail pricing at a local level.​

• The output is used to automatically optimize the pricing strategy​

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Main achievements


Increase in revenue derived from improved pricing strategy​

>90% More accuracy vs. previous solution​
Lead time 4 weeks - Faster than alternative data science approach​