Automaise Support Genius

Agent Assist

AI-based agent augmentation that turns agents into super agents

Is an AI-based copilot solution designed to maximize the productivity of customer service agents & improve support teams efficiency.

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Brands that already took their Customer Service Operation to the next level with Automaise

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What it is and how it works

active listening


Actively “listens” or “reads” every client interaction in real time, automatically delivering the requested information along with the context details onto your agents’ screen.

automated searches


No more manual searches on KB or platforms! Transform the way your team access’s information by consolidating data seamlessly on a single window, inside the CRM.



Agent Augmentation solution is omnichannel, works for both voice and conversational channels – chat, social media, WhatsApp, phone and more. 

internal virtual agent

An assistant to
every agent

Introduce the innovative ‘Ask Genius’, providing personalized live assistance tailored to each agent. You’re agents can ask Genius anything – it will come up with accurate answers within the business scope.

transational capabilities


Address change requests, along with other inquiries like order status and pricing, can be fully automated from email receipt to CRM update, minimizing agent intervention.

generative ai


Empower your agents with GenAI. Promptly deliver answer proposals to agents (human error to near-zero) across voice and written channels, elevating your customer service operations and your clients overall satisfaction.

next best action

Best Action

Streamline operations by delivering personalized responses and actions that precisely align with each customer’s individual needs.

smart tools


A toolset empowering agents with the capabilities to translate, summarize, or pinpoint specific details with a single click.

integrates with your crm

Integrates with
your CRM

Seamlessly integrates with every CRM in the market and any software solution you might need to retrieve information from.

→ From zero to go-live in a matter of weeks, not months. 

Working as customer service agent doesn’t need to be nerve-racking and exhausting anymore. 

What it brings to your business

client satisfaction


Remarkable 15% improvement in Customer Satisfaction Score within a swift 45-day period.

team performance


Impressive 60% enhancement in Average Handling Time, demonstrating efficiency gains within the initial 60 days.

onboarding and training 1

Onboarding and

Seamless onboarding process and rapid training program, ensuring agents benefit from the constant support of a dedicated assistant throughout their journey.

improvements in quality of work life for agents

Improvements in
agents work life

Reduced stress levels and work-related anxiety by providing a solution that navigates knowledge bases, automatically fetching necessary information a providing it to the agent. Repetitve task reduced to near zero.

Agent Assistant Automaise 1 768x469 1

Ultimately, agents spend up to 70% less time performing admin tasks and more time serving customers.

Agent Augmentation helps agents become more productive by:

Classifying and routing support interactions

Suggesting answers

Automatically fetching order/context information

Suggesting Next-Best-Action

Providing context information, from multiple business platforms

Gathering missing information

Pinpointing context information

Transactional workflows

No-code AI Flows

Powerful plug & play AI Add-ons

Automaise Support Genius product suite

Support Genius is a suite of products to radically improve customer service operations by:

Agent Assist

Is an AI-based copilot solution designed to maximize the productivity of customer service agents & improve support teams efficiency.

Backoffice Automation

Backoffice Automation solution allows organizations to intelligently automate high complexity processes in a safe and efficient way.

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