Meet Automaise Support Genius

Support Genius is a suite of AI-based products designed to maximize the productivity of customer service operations while improving customer experience.

Support Genius Lite​

Support Genius Lite is a no integrations required AI solution that frees agents from a wide range of time consuming but relevant tasks.

Agent Augmentation

Agent Augmentation is an AI-based solution designed to maximize the productivity of customer service agents & improve support efficiency.

Virtual Assistant​

Virtual Assistant is an AI-powered front office solution to assist brands reducing the number of support case tickets and calls by deflection.​

Backoffice Automation

Backoffice Automation solution allows organizations to intelligently automate complex processes in a safe and efficient way.

Automaise OS

The Intelligent Business Optimization No-code/Low-code Platform.​

Fully integrated with​​ a growing set of ready-to-plug integrations

So your agents never have to leave their workspaces.

Different platform? Custom system?