Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is one of Europe’s largest home improvement and gardening retailers, with stores in 12 countries. An increasing share of their 300 million worldwide customers is progressively shifting to online shopping. Leroy Merlin’s customers deemed crucial the ability actively engage with the brand during the purchasing experience – to help navigate technical questions, product […]


BEFORE:  ​ Handling and dealing with an unusually large number of requests and client interactions (emails, webforms, and more) across a broad range of topics. ​ High volumes of repetitive support interactions incoming through multiple channels, requiring manual responses.​ SOLUTION:​ Automaise Support Genius Salesforce widget allows operators to easily manage customer care inboxes.​ Automated ticket classification, routing and operator assistance, through next-best-action & […]

Sonae MC

Continente was experiencing some difficulties that made them lose revenue and customers. ​


Altice is a convergent leader in telecom, content, media, entertainment & advertising. Delivers innovative, customer-centric products and solutions that connect and unlock the limitless potential of its over 30 million customers over fiber networks and mobile broadband.