Artificially intelligent virtual employees
for customer service

Automaise provides artificially intelligent virtual employees for customer service. Our AI virtual employees can be hired by companies to autonomously execute designated tasks. Automaise offers a growing portfolio of virtual employees ready to be hired for various business verticals and tasks/processes.

Cut Customer Service Costs

Offload repetitive tasks to virtual employees and let humans take on the matters where they can really make the difference.

Increase Staff Productivity

Reduce work interruptions on your staff by offloading phone calls to chats and then letting Virtual Employees take the requests.

Increase Sales

Great for impulse buying as Virtual Employees are promptly available all around the clock.


About Virtual Employees

Automaise Virtual Employees (VEs) are capable of autonomously take care of several customer service tasks on behalf of businesses. Our Virtual Employees interact with consumers in a natural way increasing the engagement between consumers and businesses.

Execute tasks

VEs can intelligently execute several skills like Booking Manager, Social Media Assistant, etc. and perform actual work.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and natural language processing at its core.


VEs are a Multi-language capable. VEs speak English, Spanish and Portuguese as of today. More languages to come.

Conversational AI

Making use of AI and NLP VEs are capable to chat smoothly with customers using natural language.

24x7 Available

VEs don’t sleep. They are available all around the clock with instant response times to any customer.

Smarter Overtime

Their accuracy will keep improving over time as it will learn from customer interactions.

Suitable for any business

Bank Account Manager

Bank Account Manager is a banking specialized Virtual employee capable of autonomously take care of the following tasks:

Small amount transfers

Balance enquires and transaction history

Services payment

Account metrics: transactions per category, month expenditure forecast, etc.

Insurance Broker

Insurance broker is a Virtual employee focused on automating the following tasks for insurance companies:

Insurance price simulation

Purchase insurance

Report accident

Manage insurance account

Appointments Manager

Appointments Manager can intelligently automate your business’ agenda by taking care of the following tasks:

Schedule and reschedule appointments

Reduce "no shows" with smart reminders

Upsell appointments to customers

Out-of-the-box integrations with: Google Calendar, Office365, Outlook.com, Microsoft Bookings…

Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant is capable of autonomously reply to your social feeds keeping your customers engaged.

Supports both supervised vs. unsupervised functioning

Detects interactions sentiment and acts accordingly

Start private conversations from public comments

Out-of-the-box integrations with Facebook, Twitter and CX Social Engagor

E-mail Router

E-mail Router virtual employee is capable of automating the management of an e-mail support inbox.

Routes e-mail to persons according to the e-mail subject

Intelligently replies to customer email using AI and NLP

Analyses email sentiment (negative, neutral and positive) acts accordingly

Integrates with any support email account using IMAP

A growing portfolio of employees...

Automaise provides many more virtual employees:

Shopping Assistant

FAQs Expert

Loyalty Assistant

Feedback Assistant

Have a specific automation need? Contact us.

Omni-channel technology

Automaise technology is completely agnostic of the communication channel. Automaise technology is capable to automate any text input channel, from chats and social to email.

Automate your business in less than a month!


How it works

Automaise technology was designed from the ground up taking into consideration the following principles: be intelligent, be a global service, be multi-tenant and be easily extensible.

Automaise's technology
Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing at its core.


Global cloud Employee-as-a-Service technology with multi-tenant and multi-agent capabilities.


Fully extensible and customizable on both processes/tasks and external system integrations