Automaise Support Genius

Customer Assistant

AI-based Conversational Assistant

Customer Assistant is a AI-powered front office solution to assist brands reducing the number of support case tickets and calls by deflection.

Brands that already took their Customer Service Operation to the next level with Automaise

Automaise Customer Assistant is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant capable of automating support interactions with minimal to no human intervention.

Delivers end-to-end transactional automation (payments, order changes, and more) by integrating with the leading business platforms. 

  • Reset user/password 
  • Real-time order tracking 
  • Trigger RPA robot​s 

Automaise Support Genius Suite of Products

Automaise Support Genius Suite of Products

Support Genius is a suite of products to radically improve customer service operations by:

Deflecting interactions associated to a wide range of topics

Empowering support agents with AI-based tools that will maximize their productivity

Safely automate basic to complex back-office workflows

Customer Assistant

AI-based Conversational Assistant

Agent Assistant

AI-based Agent Augmentation Solution

Backoffice Process Assistant

AI-based Workflow Automation Solution

Fully integrated with​

a growing number of ready-to-plug integrations, so the customer service team can continue working in their familiar environment.

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Product Release

Automaise Support Genius + ChatGPT By OpenAI​