“Facts” and “Fakes” about AI Automation applied to Customer Support.

It is critical for organizations to understand the truth about AI automation applied to customer service in order to set realistic expectations, maximize value, avoid unnecessary costs, and consider ethical and moral considerations in the process of creating/adopting customer service tools based on AI. 

Sharing what we find to be, at the moment, the most relevant “Facts” and “Fakes” about AI Automation applied to Customer Support – by making it clear we help organizations to make informed decisions about how to use AI effectively, and avoid potential pitfalls. 


Facts about AI Automation applied to Customer Support

AI-based solutions increase revenue

AI can analyse customer data and provide individualized recommendations to each client. Insightful and pertinent recommendations/suggestions are key to increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.  

AI is the key to personalization in Customer Service

AI can quickly process large amounts of data, make predictions, categorize and route customer inquiries, and measure customer sentiment, which makes it a powerful tool for personalizing customer service. 

AI-based tools increase agents’ productivity

By automating routine tasks, improving routing and prioritization, reducing response times, providing real-time insights, and improving self-service options, AI-based tools can help support agents to be more productive and provide better customer service. 

AI can automate a wide range of customer service tasks

AI automation can handle frequently asked questions but also complex and non-linear inquiries, while performing end-to-end workflows and operations.  


Fakes about AI Automation applied to Customer Support

AI can completely replace human customer service agents

While AI can handle many routine tasks, there are still many situations where human empathy and judgment are required to effectively resolve customer issues. 

AI is always more efficient than human customer service agents

While AI can be faster at handling certain tasks, it may not always be able to provide the same level of personalized service or effectively resolve complex customer issues. 

AI has no limitations or errors

AI systems can make mistakes or encounter limitations, just like any other technology. It is important for companies to continuously monitor and improve their AI systems to ensure they are providing accurate and helpful service to customers. 

Automation in customer service can be a useful tool to improve efficiency and provide quick responses to simple queries. However, it is important to use automation appropriately and not rely on it exclusivelly. It is essential to strike a balance between the use of automation and human interaction in order to provide the best possible customer experience. Human customer service representatives should be available to handle complex or nuanced queries, and to provide a personal touch that cannot be replicated by automation. By following the DOs and DON’Ts outlined in this article, businesses can effectively use automation to enhance their customer service without sacrificing the human element that is so crucial to customer satisfaction. 

Automaise Team

Automaise Team

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