Case Study

Advance Care

51%​ of medical claims ​fully automated.


Backoffice Process Assistant


AI as a Service​



Founded in 1998, AdvanceCare manages insurance and health plans for several insurers and partners. The insurance company is a member of the Generali Group, which operates in more than 50 countries around the world. Being a solid and recognized group in the sector, Generali Group has almost 71.000 employees and 61 million customers in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


  • 100% medical claims handled manually.​
  • 2,5 days to approve each process.​​
  • Cost per decision: €12 to €25.​


  • Automaise created a cognitive automation that is able to mimic ​the decisions of paramedics and automate the approval of medical claims.
  • The level of automation is steadily increasing as more data is processed, allowing the insurance company to dedicate more resources to highly complex cases.​

Main achievements


Medical claims ​ fully automated​

10x lower cost per approval
98% accuracy rate
30 minutes to approval​

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Product Release

Automaise Support Genius + ChatGPT By OpenAI​