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Support Genius Lite

Experience AI working for your customer support operation and see the results for yourself.

Support Genius Lite is a no-integrations required intelligent solution that frees the agents from a wide range of time-consuming but relevant tasks.

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Support Genius Lite seamlessly integrates with any CRM, providing case classification & sentiment analyses, real-time smart scripting, intelligent answer suggestions, Next-Best-Action recommendations, the ability to gather missing information, and more.

Support Genius Lite helps your agents become more productive by:

48h to deploy

Virtually zero integration

No IT required

Integrates with every CRM

30 days to produce measurable results

30% improvement in global team productivity, at least


No strings attached

Automaise Support Genius product suite

Support Genius is a suite of products to radically improve customer service operations by:

Agent Augmentation

Is an AI-based solution designed to maximize the productivity of customer service agents & improve support efficiency.​

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is an AI-powered front office solution to assist brands reducing the number of support case tickets and calls by deflection.

Backoffice Automation

Backoffice Automation solution allows organizations to intelligently automate high complexity processes in a safe and efficient way.

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